Here Are the Top 10 Architecture Blogs to Read

Androsky Lugo
3 min readMay 5


If you’re an architectural student, keeping up with the newest news and building a strong portfolio is essential. Here are the top ten that you should look into!

Dezeen is a well-liked architectural magazine that also covers design and interior decoration. There’s a calendar of events and a job board, too.

Many students of architecture use Archinect as a way to keep abreast of developments in the field. They may maintain track of their portfolios, CVs, and other important details that architectural firms seek in applicants.

Earlier this year, Archinect produced a user-friendly guide on improving your profile and attracting recruiting companies’ attention. Learn more at the provided link, and get your foot in the door with a potential employer right now.

Europaconcorsi was established in 1998 as the European version of LinkedIn to keep architects abreast of design contests all around the continent. It’s a collection of databases with a common goal of showcasing the very best in architecture and design.

Established in 1998, Divisare has become modern architecture’s most comprehensive digital archive. The site has over 140,000 endeavors, and components, locations, homes, and more classify its selected collection of topical albums. There are many additional features available on the platform. Journal, a weekly review chosen by the editors, and a daily showcase are only two examples. There’s even a news feed for the site.

Additionally, the site features the largest curated library of architectural projects worldwide. The website has a clean design that’s simple to use and packed with eye-catching visual content like photographs and videos.

BIG is a collaboration of architects, designers, builders, and thinkers in Copenhagen and New York. BIG’s “Yes is More” attitude and pioneering mindset revolutionize the construction industry.

Architecture students would do well to peruse the Bjarke Ingels Group website. Amazing visuals and novel concepts abound throughout, encouraging fresh perspectives.

Architonic’s online shop is sexier than most, and it’s worth a visit for design connoisseurs. The brand has a very active Twitter account where they debate the newest trends in design and architecture, in addition to their award-winning design blog, which has a curated selection of must-have furniture, lighting, and décor products. Their job is to ensure that you are always in the know.

Architects may use Architizer to promote their work, make professional connections, and keep abreast of developments in their field. The site also has a manufacturer search function for finding materials for construction jobs.

The site offers a wealth of information, from news stories to job postings. In addition, there is a sizable community for architects to network with and learn from.

Issuu is a website that facilitates the production and distribution of digital publications with interactivity. A native app for both iOS and Android is also available.

You may get a lot of ideas from this spot. The corporation’s number of patents for technologies that facilitate the realization of ideas is likewise significant. One of the most cutting-edge is the Issuu app for mobile devices, which allows you to make your magazine accessible on any smartphone or tablet without needing a separate download.

Scanned architectural drawings and models may be found on RNDRD, a website dedicated to design. Visualizations of buildings may be seen here, making the site useful for students and professionals.

Wallpaper is another newspaper dedicated to the design industry. It features articles and projects from a variety of design fields. Although not as informative or useful for industry professionals, this site can be a great source of inspiration and fresh perspective.

Disc Journal is an academic journal that explores the intersection of art, technology, and design. The site also features a portfolio of completed architectural works.

If you’re not a professional but adore design, you’ll love this website and print magazine. It also has various articles on all design aspects, including but not limited to buildings and their interiors.

Modern architecture, interior design, and art are the primary areas of concentration for Design Milk, an online magazine and store. Millions of people throughout the globe are now fans of it.

The site features articles on many design-related topics and interviews with prominent designers and architects. Architecture students may learn much from this and use it as a springboard for their creative endeavors.



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